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Frequently Asked Questions

Key To The City RVA was created to become a One Stop Resource for consumers in the Greater Richmond Area. Our Key Cards will be distributed to HOA’s, Property Management Companies, Moving Companies, Apartment Communities, Select Local Merchants, and handed out at Local Attractions and Events.  Customers will have access to your business service any time they have their keys with them, simply by scanning the QR code on the Key Card.

Consumers want convenience. The easier you are to find in their time of need, the more likely they will buy from you. We put you directly in front of them at the perfect time. They don’t need to go to Google or ask a friend, they simply scan the key tag on their keychain and find you as their solution from a reputable provider. Everyone always has their keys.

We are ensuring the customer that you are a trusted resource just by being enrolled in the program. We do not want just any and every business. We hand picked you because you have a history of quality service and are a proven professional in your industry

Limited competition. You will be one of up to 5 in your business group. Up to is the key, as we build there may be only one so get in fast.

Affordable. Let’s face it: Marketing and Advertising is expensive. Key To The City is a fraction of the cost of other advertising channels. We wanted to create a super affordable program that any business can take advantage of.

You are on the Key. This immediately puts you where you need to be when a customer needs your services. For less than a dollar a day, it’s a very low cost investment that you will be there when your customer needs your services. Don’t miss out.

Promotions through Social Media, Email, Newsletters. We love to promote our Preferred Partners. We want consumers to know exactly what they will find on the Key. If they already know what is offered, it reinforces the need to go to it for every purchase they make. You will have exposure and be presented as an expert in your field. We are also going to have a Weekly Giveaway that will keep consumers going back to the key tag to enter to win. This promotes further engagement.

The more businesses we get on the Key, the more reach. When the program started in March we only had couple of thousand key tags in circulation but as we have grown, more and more cards are being distributed daily (we now have consumers reaching out and asking for key tags). Be sure to enroll your business now to lock in your rate. As the program grows, your rate will remain the same as long as you are a Preferred Partner on Key To The City. No matter if you are reaching 10,000 customers or 500,000.

You can offer something of value to your customers to stay in front of them. We need every business on the Key to hand these out to their customers. This shows them that you are doing something above and beyond the majority of your competitors. How would you feel if you just moved to the area and used a company for their services and they offered you a convenient way to get your problems solved. It really helps businesses stand out.

As we grow, we will be offering different features to businesses. Multiple Categories, Multiple Localities. Exclusive Pages. We are just getting started. There will be continuous updates to the program all there to benefit the businesses who are a part. Your Success is our success.

Need More Information?

No problem! Please call or email so we can discuss more in depth how to get started!